Difference between vinyl and paper stickers for businessmen

Difference between vinyl and paper stickers for businessmen

It is possible to identify the product in the mind of the consumer using visual positioning methods. If there is no desire or financial ability to spend money on branded packaging, special advertising materials, vinyl stickers will help out. The name, logo, call to purchase, picture are placed on them. Let's compare which is better: to make stickers with a paper backing or with the presence of vinyl.

Product characteristics of two types

  1. Resistance to moisture, light

If drops and trickles of water fall on the vinyl (for example, the product gets wet during unloading), then the paper version will quickly become unusable. It is enough to shake off the water from the film surface, which does not absorb anything.

  1. Ability to stretch

When the sticker needs to be attached to a convex surface, the paper is fixed with fine creases. Customized vinyl stickers successfully cope with the task, sitting flat on the base. Even if you ordered a slightly smaller sticker, the polymer can be stretched a few millimeters.

  1. Resistant to punctures and tears

The paper is completely unstable to mechanical damage. It also does not withstand the abrasion that occurs when products are put into a box for transportation. The label becomes faded due to abrasion. Vinyl stickers (decals) in practice justify the promised durability and absence of damage with slight stretching, punctures.

  1. Media type

Paper material is represented only by cut sheets. Film can be sheet and roll (the latter is convenient for printing a huge number of copies at a time). The roll allows the production of formatted wall stickers, car stickers, promotional insights.

  1. Color background

Vinyl and sticker prints are brighter. And it is also subject to something that cannot be seen on a paper analogue: the creation of transparency of the general background or individual parts of the images.

  1. Cost

At first glance, paper is cheaper. However, when it is necessary to produce several hundred or thousands of stickers, in this case, the optimization of labor costs is better with roll vinyl. Imagine standing near a plotter and manually threading paper sheets for further cutting out the stickers. This work is also included in the final cost of making the adhesive product.

When deciding on the release of stickers, be guided by such concepts as efficiency and useful life. If there is a short-term promotion, you can select paper-based analogs. When it is important to keep the branded stickers for a long time, then it is better to order vinyl stickers. AIVA Paper Group is ready to help you.

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