Q. What is the difference between vinyl paper for inkjet and laser printers?
A. Paper for laser printers is not washed off with water. Ink from inkjet printers is mostly water soluble and needs an additional sealer cover.

Q. Can I use a writable permanent marker?
A. Yes, it works together.

Q. Is it the dishwasher safe?
A. Yes, it is durable enough to put designed things in the dishwasher.

Q. Is it microwaves safe?
A. Yes, you can put your designed staff in microwaves with no damage for it.

Q. If I need to remove stickers do they live some traces?
A. These printable stickers have a removable water-based adhesive which will allow you to remove them cleanly with no adhesive left behind.

Q. Is vinyl paper durable enough to use it for outdoor projects?
A. You have to use sealed spray, acrylic spray or epoxy to decrease color fading and extend longevity. But vinyl is durable enough for outdoor, even without any other fixer.

Q. Do these sheets really hold onto the ink without any smudging?
A. Normally yes, but you should follow the instructions for a particular type of printer.

Q. Will it disintegrate in the water?
A. No, because it’s vinyl, not ordinary paper.

Q. I have white lines when I print my project.
A. White lines are probably caused by clogged nozzles that aren’t dispensing ink (or ink is almost finished). In such cases, you can sometimes fix the problem by using a cotton swab to rub alcohol on the surface of the print head. Alcohol is a solvent and will usually help to dissolve any ink buildup that might be clogging the print head. After cleaning the print head with alcohol, I usually use a paper towel to gently wipe any excess ink off of the print head. When you’re done cleaning the print head manually, turn the printer on and run the printer’s built-in cleaning process.

Q. What can be done to prevent stickers from rubbing off?
A. Usually, original inks are more durable than generic. You can also use sealer spray for more durability. There are many clear protections you can spray, for example, Krylon K01305. 

Q. Do you make sticker paper in legal size paper?
A. No, we don't have such a size. Only Standard Letter Size 8.5"x11"

Q. Can I cut this paper with a cameo 4.
A. Yes, it matches.

Q. Can I use it with cricut and HP envy 4520?
A. Your printer will work, just pay attention to the type of sticker paper, it is either ink or laser jet.

Q. Can I use this sticker to stick on paper too?
A. Yes, sure. This vinyl sticker paper can be applied to any material.

Q. Why do the inks feel tacky even after 1 hour?
A. We faced the same claims before and think that it depends on the quality of the inks. Different brands use different technologies and moreover, sometimes customers use generic inks instead of the original. While aqueous inks often provides the broadest color gamut and most vivid color, most are not waterproof without specialized coating or lamination after printing, and inks feel like they are not dry enough. Pigment-based aqueous inks are typically more costly, but they provide much better long-term durability and ultraviolet resistance. Inks marketed as "Archival Quality" are usually pigment-based. In your case, I can suggest two options: try to use not the highest quality of printing. In this mode, the printer uses a lot of inks, try to use medium quality. And secondly — you can use sealer spray. 

Q. Does it work with a laser or Inkjet printer?
A. We have vinyl for Inkjet and Laser printers. There are different products. Please, check the detail page carefully before placing an order.