About Us


We believe that Art may connect people around the world, and it doesn't matter whether it is music, painting, or lyric - whatever - it is an international language.

We believe that Art makes our world brighter and kinder. Creative people create wonderful things - and wonderful things impact millions of us.

Our small team is incredibly excited to be a part of this global process. Our world is still rude, indifferent, and cold, but we are glad to realize that, by using our products, people show their individualism, love, and care.

Funny stickers that make people smile, creativity with family as an occasion to spend time with children in our busy daily life, decoration of goods for small businesses, and many more.

We are happy to be involved in thousands of projects, small and large, private and commercial, and we're also trying our best for our customers and their creativity!

Let's make this world brighter!

Team of AIVA Paper Group