Vinyl stickers: quick execution wall décor

Vinyl stickers: quick execution wall décor

Vinyl stickers can be placed on any surface: ceramic tiles, concrete, metal, plastered and painted surfaces, non-textured wallpaper, glass, leather, mirror. They are used in two cases: when you want to decorate a room or you want to disguise a slight destruction of the decorative coating.

Application in rooms with different functionality


An interior sticker is glued to the front of the cabinets, household appliances. If you're in a fantasy mood, create a themed sticker collection. It is cool to decorate the kitchen apron with small stickers. And this type of sticker is also useful for the surface of which you can write, making reminders for yourself.


If you stick the vinyl sticker on the tile, it will last for a long time without peeling off. Neutral to moisture and steam, they are glued to the walls of the bathroom, plumbing fixtures, mirrors, furniture that is installed there. Add accents carefully so that there is no overkill in the pictures.

For a preschooler, you can choose elements in the form of fauna representatives, use alphanumeric topics that help to master arithmetic, the native language. Vinyl stickers designed for felt-tip pens are appreciated. After painting, it is enough to wipe the surface – and it is ready for new creative delights of your kid. Alternatively, decorate a ceiling with glowing stars.


Options where the sticker is applied: wall, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table. Sleeping rooms are not often decorated in this way, but you can diversify the existing design.

Living room

Here it is important to create a domestic atmosphere, pleasant coziness, so that each of the family members is comfortable. When there is free space, the matter is limited only by fantasy. Lettering, collages, posters, anime ─ complete freedom of choice, as a result of which you get fashionable wallpapers.


For those who do not know how to decorate the corridor, we can advise several solutions. For example, a person who points with his hand in the direction of the rooms, as if inviting to pass. A singing bird on a flowering branch, as if telling about how good and cozy this house is. The inscription "Welcome", the image of a hanger with clothes, something futuristic.

In just 10 minutes, with ready-made vinyl stickers at hand, you will cope with the design of a wall or piece of furniture. The manufacturer AIVA Paper Group will print and cut the stickers made according to your layouts, as well as offer services for the development of an individual design, which is approved before the production process.

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