Production of vinyl stickers

Production of vinyl stickers

Labels on drinks in glass containers, household chemicals, promotional packaging are parts of our daily life. It demonstrates the brand by evoking memorization and recognition. For branded products, a sticker on vinyl (paper) is a full-fledged informative tool. A beautifully displayed sticker immediately attracts attention.

Vinyl: sticker production

  1. Choosing a film for printing

The film under the image is solid and perforated. For cars, furniture (except for children's furniture), it is advised to use a material without holes and eco-solvent ink, which is characterized by deep absorption.

Products that are often subject to contact impact and mechanical friction (mobile phones) are protected with a laminating film after printing. Customized vinyl stickers are in demand for vape mods, cellular gadgets, iPad, office equipment. A material consisting of microchannels, to which an sticky layer with strong adhesion is added, is suitable here. For promotions and products with a fast sales period, glue with a weak adhesion index is used.

Transparent film is the choice of those who do not like bright colors on a white or glass base. Silhouette images are often used here.

  1. Type of surface according to the degree of perception of sunlight

To create catalogs of goods or conduct photo shoots with a person, a matte film is chosen, since gloss gives a reflection when using a flash. To get customized vinyl stickers that are visible in the dark, material with a fluorescent effect is used.

  1. Printing type

The transfer of the image is performed directly on vinyl or created on film, paper, and then attached to the vinyl layer. For format (sheet) bases, digital imaging is selected. Offset is suitable for rolls. Outdoor advertising, placed in the street environment, is made using the solvent technology of printing vinyl stickers and stickers. Sublimation printing is useful for making vinyl nameplates.

  1. Receiving finished products

Each sticker has its own shape. To make high-quality die-cutting, a plotter is used. It cuts out any contours, and does it very quickly and without defects. A vector-type image is transferred from the computer screen, during which the technique creates smooth edges by completely cutting the film material or notching to the level of the substrate.

AIVA Paper Group cooperates with one-time, small and large-scale customers, printing stickers on vinyl, followed by cutting.

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