7 ideas for using stickers

7 ideas for using stickers

  1. Interior decoration. Posters are still in trend, as are various panels and, of course, stickers. And there are no restrictions on style – classic, pop art, loft – if you can't come up with a style, look for the pictures you like on Pinterest.

  2. Stickers for gifts. And here there are two options: either you decorate gift wrapping with themed stickers, or you give a sticker pack with images similar in style or meaning to the person who receives the gift. In the first case, this is an excellent solution for hand-made formats: make a gift with your own hands, wrap it in craft paper and secure it all with a sticker wishing Merry Christmas or good luck.

  3. Decoration of gadgets. Laptops and phones – themed stickers with, for example, holographic logos, an image of paint flowing down the lid of a laptop (a real trend now!), motivational slogans and spectacular black and white images of movie and cartoon characters – the choice here is limited only by your desire.

  4. Use in the kitchen. How many jars do you have in your closet? And the containers with spices? Can you tell Savan salt from curry and cinnamon from cocoa? It is for practical designation that stickers are perfect. Moreover, these can be either ready-made options with captions or images, or empty fields for writing yourself.
  5. Navigation in the house. This idea will especially appeal to teenagers or those who prefer the pop art format to the classic interior. Stickers like "This is my room" and "Bath is here" are, of course, closer to the youth format, but it is quite possible to implement this in a restrained and even elegant style to fit, say, into the Provence-style kitchen. And you can also have a panel or a poster from the stickers, designate a bathroom or a kitchen, etc.

  6. Holidays. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and even minor occasions – all these days can be brightened up and even adhered to a certain theme just with the help of stickers. For example: order stickers for seating plates, make panel pictures of baby birthday photos, print holographic stickers for birthday guests as gifts, and much more. The field for imagination here is endless.

  7. Decoration of transport. Moreover, both for personalization purposes and for branding “for business”. Themed stickers for a car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, a single theme for the entire home park or a similar style if you are a member of a particular club, family format and much more. Read more in this article.
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