Stickers for gadgets

Stickers for gadgets

You have purchased a brand new phone and are now wondering how to protect it. The film under the screen covers only the display, so a cover is also necessary. An accessory of decent quality is an additional cost, and something cheap will not last much. When you want artistic beauty, a bit of creativity and something special that suits your mood, choose cool stickers.

Customized vinyl stickers

A cool 170-micron sticker will not weigh down a mobile gadget, but will add exclusivity. It has a number of positive features:

- represented by a wide range of shades, themes and styles;

- is selected exactly according to the parameters of a specific device model;

- eliminates scratches on the back of the phone, which is especially important for mirrored surfaces of iPhones;

- tightly covers the plane of the mobile, excluding the penetration of dust and fine debris;

- the vinyl sticker can be easily removed if you want to replace the image;

- not burdensome cost, which allows you to frequently change the design of your gadget.

If you wish, it is easy to order a set that will contain the same images for your phone, tablet, laptop.

What can cause certain inconveniences

  • When starting gluing, all holes must be aligned with the optional points of the phone. For models with rounded corners, you will have to use a hair dryer to soften the shrink material to fit the phone snugly.
  • Vinyl sticker is disposable. As soon as it was deliberately removed, you can immediately throw it away. When glued asymmetrically, the sticker will suffer the same fate.
  • The decor provides a design function. For those who often get drop the phone, it is better to get a thick case.

Call the AIVA Paper Group to customize your vinyl stickers. With our product, the owners of mobile gadgets stores will increase their range of products and the average purchase order.

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