What are interesting about vinyl stickers for cars

What are interesting about vinyl stickers for cars

Tuning a car for many raises the idea of a technical re-equipment. But this also includes design. The sticker purchased for the hood also serves as an element of vehicle improvement. Compared to airbrushing, your costs will be low, and if over time you want to change the artistic theme, you will be able to do it on your own.

Types of car stickers

1. Transparent. Customized vinyl stickers are used to protect the hood from falling branches, jumping street cats, and small road pebbles.

2. Colorful. They will bring a bright "zest" to the tint background of the car. These can be logos, inscriptions, large images that tell about the profile of the company or the personal views of a car enthusiast.

3. Imitation. With a sheen of mother-of-pearl, changing their tone (to match a chameleon car), repeating the structure of genuine leather, carbon fiber, wood. Amazing images can be embodied in large vinyl car stickers in 3D format. The use of glossy and matte films enhances the aesthetic characteristics of the product.


  • High color rendering. Choose those shades that are most impressive for the color of the car.

  • Climatic stability. The image is not afraid of temperature drops (permissible range -40 ... + 80˚С), heavy rainfall. And if the production of vinyl car stickers is supplemented with lamination, then they will protect the car even longer.

  • Variability of application. Products are placed on the windshield and rear window, hood, trunk, in the longitudinal direction of the car.

  • Dimensions. The owner himself chooses what corresponds to his interests: a small sticker, a large image, a medium type sticker, a mesh image in the form of a perforated film. It is allowed to use a composite image consisting of several elements.

What else to add about vinyl car stickers? The price is very tempting. Order in small and large wholesale from the manufacturer AIVA Paper Group.

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