Format you'll love: hexagonal stickers

Format you'll love: hexagonal stickers

Yes, there are local trends in the “world” of stickers, as in each of the other areas. And now, perhaps, the most popular of them is the hexagonal shape – the so-called "honeycomb". And it is with hexagonal stickers that the direction of sticker bombing has acquired a new format – now symmetry reigns in the extravaganza of colors and shapes! After all, one of the main advantages of this shape is the mosaic effect.

Here are some interesting design tricks using hex stickers:

  • Sticker art on the laptop is not just about creativity, but more about personalizing a gadget. What are the topics? Anything – from the logos of your clients to what's close: the Marvel universe, anime, motivational notes, etc.

  • Street menu. Of course, this format is hardly suitable for a luxury restaurant, but it is for a street art cafe. Stickers with menu items and prices can be applied to the glass and changed as needed.

  • Learning board. It will be interesting for children to stick on their own a mosaic of hexagonal stickers with images of animals, pictures of objects or with numbers/letters, and then examine them, learning new things.

  • Mirror hexagonal stickers – on walls, doors – of course, will not function as a full-fledged mirror, but will become an interesting decorative element in the interior.

  • It is fashionable to decorate your travel luggage with stickers from different countries (like fridge magnets), but now imagine how cool a mosaic with images of Thailand, USA, Monaco, France or any other country you have visited will look. By the way, you can create yourself and come up with your own local travel logo, and order hexagonal stickers made in the same style.
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