Life hack: how to remove a sticker from any surface

Life hack: how to remove a sticker from any surface

There are thousands of methods online on how to remove a sticker, but only a few of them are really effective. Prolonged exposure to the sun, poor-quality glue base – all this leads to the fact that, trying to peel the sticker from the surface, you tear the paper, or the entire sticky layer remains in its original place. There are 5 effective tips below that will help you resolve the issue in a matter of minutes (even when the situation seems hopeless).

  1. Medical alcohol

Use an old sponge to apply alcohol on the remnants of the sticker. Soak the area generously, wait 5 minutes, and then rub gently with the same sponge or dry cloth.

  1. Special tools

They exist, but are rarely at hand. And yet, if the situation is critical, and a household goods store is nearby, just purchase a product in an aerosol, spray on the sticker and remove the remnants with a napkin.

  1. Vegetable oil

Take a small smear with your finger and rub into the remainder. The oils will destroy the stickiness, and while this method is a bit unconventional, it works.

Interesting fact: multipurpose grease like WD-40 also cleans sticky structures well, especially from plastic surfaces. If you want to remove residue from the fabric, wipe the area with a mild vinegar solution before the main wash.

  1. Solvent/acetone*

* nail polish remover is also suitable

Solvent will also help remove sticky marks, but this method may not work on all surfaces. Conduct a preliminary test on an inconspicuous area of ​​the material, if there is no reaction, try it.

  1. Baking soda

Suitable in cases where minor abrasion is possible (for example, on metal or glass. By the way, if you cannot remove the sticker from glassware, try soaking it in hot soapy water overnight (or just put it in the dishwasher).

And a final recommendation – if you have not tried to remove the sticker and have not damaged it yet, heat the surface with warm air from a simple household hair dryer, then pick up and pull on the corner –the sticker will leave without residue with a 99% probability.

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