Office decor: be creative, think like an artist

Office decor: be creative, think like an artist

“Caution, a genius is working!”, “We need to think differently”, “Work is not a wolf”, “Teamwork”, “IDEA” and other original phrases –  it seems that modern office spaces cannot do without them. We know exactly how much the atmosphere affects the ability to work and creativity, and this practice – to defuse the "boring office background" with bright stickers – is a popular technique that has been repeatedly used in all countries.

When you are in open space or your own office

It’s not that it’s accepted, but rather it’s established – everyone arranges a workplace according to their wishes. Someone brings a cactus, someone buys a beautiful cup, but there is a much more effective method! Stick them on the wall, the back of the monitor, a table and even a chair when it comes to decorating a workplace. Combine and motivate with stylish solutions for the whole wall, if the regulations allow such a bold move in the public workspace. Why not, you can even decorate the ceiling – place the inscription “Be creative” on it, and what if the most valuable idea comes up when someone looks up?

Why is it so important

Vinyl stickers create an atmosphere that is completely opposite to the standard perception of the word "office": boring, monotonous, gray and closed. This approach to interior design is a battle of boredom and monotony, which motivates to new achievements.


An interesting idea is transparent window stickers, for example, with a picture of a light bulb on. A great option when the scenery is not pleasing. Near the workplace, in the recreation area, in the kitchen (if provided).

There are stickers for the office, both conservative and brightly creative, depending on the direction of the company or the general mood in the team. By the way, vinyl stickers can be used to decorate the reception/waiting area, so they are also a great image tool.

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