Stick format: how to decorate a car with stickers

Stick format: how to decorate a car with stickers

In sticker pack style! Who said a car can't be personalized? It is possible and even necessary – both outside and inside. And it's easy to do with vinyl stickers! Many people are happy to decorate their phones, laptops, rooms and simple vehicles like skateboards or bicycles, so why not zoom in to an entire car, and it's completely harmless to your four-wheeled friend.

5 tips from the AIVA Paper Group, or how to decorate your car with stickers without losing this design battle

  1. Think creatively. Remember, stereotypes are boring. Bullet holes, cobwebs and other banal options are definitely worth leaving behind. What could it be? A symbol, emblem, text joke/funny slogan, and even a cartoon character – limitations are only in your imagination.

  2. Determine the location. Where to place the sticker? Anywhere! On the bamber or rear window, passenger door or inside, on the dashboard – it all depends on the theme of the sticker and on your goal: just to have fun, to indicate your membership in a car club or any other society, etc.

  3. Choose what you like. You shouldn't chase after fashion – it's not the place, so just follow your taste. If you like football, basketball or golf – ok, if you want to portray your child's favorite character – it’s also a good decision.

  4. Share with your friends or family. Let the sticker become a family format. Anything – a photo of a pet, a "secret sign", a vacation photo or a symbol of your favorite group, etc.

  5. Experiment. The value of this method lies in its inconsistency, that is, you can change stickers much more often than you think.

Also, car stickers are a great way to brand your car. Moreover, you can easily do it yourself if you recently opened, say, a small startup in the form of a mobile coffee shop or flower shop. It's simple: come up with a design, order a print, apply and enjoy the result!

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