Stickers as part of startup branding

Stickers as part of startup branding

The name, positioning, analysis of the target audience and financial and legal issues have been resolved, it remains to come up with and implement branding. And at this stage of your startup, we recommend paying attention to stickers as one of the most effective tools.

Let's try to figure out what's what.

Effect is on the outside, or why stickers make sense in brand positioning

Effect - on the face, or why stickers make sense in brand positioning

Remember, packaging is the first thing your customers interact with. Therefore, it is important that the starting visual experience sticked in mind as a positive memory. Moreover, this approach will work both the first time and in the future, if you launch your product into the mass market line. This is because a non-trivial and eye-catching sticker, be it handmade soap, cakes or car fragrances, will be remembered as an association with a positive shopping experience. And yes, we don't think it's worth talking about the experience of finding a company based on a logo description, not a name (for example, a company with a bitten apple logo) – it works.

Advice: add not just your logo or similar thematic images to the stickers, but also contacts. Using this approach, visual association works great – for example, if you are selling donuts, an image of a delicious dessert and your website address, etc.

By the way, there are several working options here. Scotch tape or a small stick that acts as a fixing paper or cardboard sticker. Anyway, product labels evoke feelings in customers that they identify with over and over again when they see and buy your product.

Don't forget about the nice bonus. As a gift, include a small sticker pack with different variations of your logo, possibly similar to children’s ones.


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