Q. Is it the dishwasher safe?
A. Yes, it is durable enough to put designed things in the dishwasher.
Q. Is it microwaves safe?
AYes, you can put your designed staff in microwaves with no damage for it.
Q. Could I remove stickers without leaving trails?
A. Yes. These vinyl have a removable water-based adhesive which will allow you to remove them cleanly with no adhesive left behind.

Q. Can I pick the colors I want?
ASorry, we sell only standard packages of 20 colors now.
Q. Can I use this vinyl for car windows?
ASure, our vinyl is premium quality and it is a match for a lot of outdoor projects.
Q. Are the colored sheets glossy or matte?
AThere are 30 glossy sheets and 15 matte.
Q. Is it waterproof?
AYes, it is waterproof.
Q. Does it stick to the walls?
AThis kind of vinyl can be used on walls. But make sure that the surface is clean and not painted or the sticky side may damage the painting.
Q. Can this be used on Fabric?
ANo, this can not be used on Fabric, you should look for HTV specially for Fabric.
Q. Is it good Quality?
AExcellent quality! We couldn't be happier with this product!!!
Q. Do the colors fade from the sun when you put them on vehicles?
AThis adhesive vinyl is permanent vinyl, this kind of vinyl can resist sun and it has 3 years outdoor durability.
Q. Is this vinyl toxic?
AThese vinyls are safe for use with children's toys and crafts, food packaging and other vinyl crafts.