Q. What is the difference between waterslide decal paper for inkjet and laser printers?
A. Paper for inkjet printers should be sprayed because ink is water soluble and you don’t need to spray paper for laser printers.

Q. Could I remove decals without leaving trails?
A. These decals have a removable water-based adhesive which will allow you to remove them cleanly with no adhesive left behind.

Q. Is the dishwasher safe?
A. Actually no, you can tray sealed spray for making decals more durable.

Q. Is it microwaves safe?
A. Yes, you can use decals in microwaves without damage for them.

Q. Is one side of this sticky?
A. There isn't a sticky side on this type of paper. However, one side will have a different finish - It should feel coated and slightly glossy. This is the part where you would put your image on.

Q. Can this be used for resin molds?
A. Yes.

Q. Will this work with an Epson WF 7710?
A. It will work with any inkjet printer.

Q. Should I use something afterwards to seal the image onto the surface?
A. You could use epoxy or acrylic spray for stronger fixation of decals. But it is not necessary, and it depends on your needs.

Q. Would this work for the bottom of a coffee mug?
A. Yes. It works best on a white surface. Use a printer on a "high" quality print setting.

Q. Can the mugs be washed and how long does the design last?
A. You can make your decals last long for a period of time as long as you cover them with a clear coat spray or epoxy.

Q. Does this leave a film or does it just transfer the image?
A. The image is on the film. You must trim the excess film not covered by the image.

Q. Will this work with t-shirts?
A. Strongly No.

Q. Would this work to transfer on a canvas for wall decoration?
A. We would not recommend it.

Q. Will sharpies work on it instead of printing?
A. Yes, it would work.

Q. If I’m buying these for tumblers, do I get clear or white paper?
A. You can use both depending on your taste and mood.

Q. If I use this to put a picture onto a mirror, would the mirror be visible behind the picture?
A. Yes, if you get the clear transfer sheets it will.